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Journal MondoMor's Journal: Slashdot is irresponsible 2

Everyone knows what is the slashdot effect, and is aware of the long history of damage it's caused.

Hell, some sites even block people referred by Slashdot as a means of self-protection. is one of these.

So when some dipshit submits an article that links to a site on Mozilla, timothy posts it anyway.

Now, these "editors" claim to proofread articles before posting them. Surely timothy, had he bothered to click the link and engage his brain, would've seen the referrer block and done something about it, wouldn't he? He didn't, and hundreds of thousands of Lunix-worshipping mouthbreathers got to see an error message.

Eventually, timothy fired a couple of neurons and decided to check comments, and posted an alternative link presented therein. He couldn't be bothered to do this difficult, perilous task himself.

Why the hell can't (or won't) CmdrTaco and his 1337 kre\/\/ of Perl coders cache pages, at least for the first few hours of a story's life? They're fully aware (and often make jokes about) the Slashdot effect, and its potential to suck money out of the pockets of the very people they're trying to support.

They're either too lazy, too stupid or some combination of the two.

Fuck you, slashdot.


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Slashdot is irresponsible

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  • You're expecting a group who admitted (even crowed) that they don't do any "editing," such as spell-check, fact check, grammar check, etc.

    The kreW is less like a group of editors and more like a group of BBS Sysops.

    Hell, their job has to be incredibly easy: pick a few stories out of the queue and post them to the front page; every once in a while bitchslap a thread, ban some users, etc.

    If they were truely smart, then they'd write/steal some scripts to auto-post stories and randomly bitchslap threads, so the

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