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Journal xwwt's Journal: Slashdot engineering status

I have been reviewing (again) the responses from our last user poll about what you like/dislike about /.. In summary it looks like there is a concern about commenting and story submission. We have spent the last couple of months working on those items and I think the engineering team has done a good job of fixing some problems that have been plaguing the system for some time (new comment loading, submission form, cleanup layout, etc., see: Vroom). We are in the final stages of working out some other basic system enhancements that we believe will fix the foundation of Slashdot and bring hardware and software up to date. These should provide a faster and more reliable experience. (see: PerlJedi)

We have also had some pro/con responses to the social media interaction and continue to tweak those items to make them more usable without getting in the way of really reading /. Hopefully some of these changes are making the site easier to see/use/interact with. We have also gotten a lot of feedback about abuse on the system and continue to work on that as well as providing a more robust moderation and hand out of mod points.

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Slashdot engineering status

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