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Journal Captain Splendid's Journal: Dear Santa, 5

Long time, no write. But I've been a good boy this year, kept my mouth shut and my ass out of trouble. So what I really, really, really want for Christmas this year is for Newt Gingrich to win the New Hampshire primary. The margin doesn't matter so long as he comes out on top after the voting.

Yours in Coca-Cola,

Captain Splendid

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Dear Santa,

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  • My son, who is 8, said in all seriousness yesterday, "I'm glad Santa is not real because I'm pretty sure my bad would out-weigh my good and I wouldn't get anything." Cracked me up.

    As for the presidential race, I've never cared so little for any candidate as I do now. Usually I've got a good idea what I'll do, even if I don't like it much, but not this time.

  • Right-wing media is starting to talk about Mike Huckabee or Jeb Bush jumping in if there's a brokered convention.

    That's how much Republicans hate Mitt Romney. They'll even consider the execrable Newt Gingrich (thought unfortunately, I think that will pass).

    Gingrich so reminds me of a low-rent Nero. With the puffy face, so redolent of personal dissipation, cupidity and narcissism. The boyish greyed bangs framing the piggishness. The wormy lips and superior, grasping expression. Sneering and mouth greasy

    • brokered convention

      Nah Gah Happen. This idea is always floated by the same lazy centrist idiots too addled to comprehend that their options are limited to:

      A) Rolling up their sleeves and fixing the mess the GOP's become, or
      B) Defecting to the Democrats, who are at this point ideologically much closer to them than the current median GOP party member.

      Instead, they're going to keep flailing around, latching on to any candidate (Perry, Christie, Cain, Newt) and any idea (brokered convention, maybe O
      • Obama should step aside for Hillary

        I saw a comic with Hillary and "Coulda Shoulda Woulda", but I'm thinking about it, and I'm like, any president would have had a sucky term what with what they were handed. Don't think that the democratic position now would have been better off if only Hillary had run.

        And seriously, look at the field of fuckwits that the Republicans have offered up for sacrifice to an incumbent president. I was telling a friend, the Republicans aren't actually putting up anyone serious in this fight (where's Bobby Jindal? wh

  • ... I could get what i wanted for xmas.

    It wouldn't have anything to do with POLitics. POLe dancers would be about as close to politics as it would get

    Patiently for no federal election this coming year in Australia (it's complicated in many ways but also simple*), and a state election.

    * Tony Abbot the "alternative" leader is also known as the Mad Monk. He also likes being photographed in his budgie smugglers.

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