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Journal blue trane's Journal: Counselor dream 1

Dream 2011-10-21

I had a dream I was at my therapist's house. It was a large sprawling expanse with several buildings around a courtyard.

At the end of the dream, he was showing me how to use a powerful and big vacuum cleaner. It had a long, thin tube made of very hard, red, rubber with a metal fixture on the end. Jay showed me how to use the tube to suck up dirt from the floor. The tube was fixed at its other end to the vacuum's body, which was a big (several feet in length), rectangular, flat box. The box seemed to be attached to a wooden frame resting on the floor; I wasn't sure if you could remove the box and carry it around with you, it seemed it would be difficult to carry the vacuum on your back. My task seemed to be to vacuum the building, which was at least two stories, next to the part of the courtyard where the vacuum cleaner was situated; I wondered how I was going to get the vacuum cleaner into the building.

In another part of the dream, but close to this part with the large vacuum, I was cleaning the bottoms of my shoes. They were very muddy. I picked up a rock from the courtyard to scrape off the larger chunks of mud.

I think in another part of the dream, there was another vacuum cleaner.


Day residue: I was at Tracie's, and had been vacuuming the previous day.

The immediate thought when I woke up was that the vacuum scene represented the therapist trying to show me how to clean up my subconscious mind. But in the dream it was clearly his house. Maybe he is showing me how he cleaned his own mind, and also using me to help him give himself therapy during our sessions? This is conscious speculation, after the dream!

The vacuum was so big, it was most convenient if you had a stable place to keep it, unlike me who's constantly moving around. But Jay has a home, so it's easier for him to keep his mind clear of contaminations...

There are imperfections in this interpretation of course: why would i need a big vacuum if I'm moving around? The analogy (of house to mind) requires the house to symbolize at the same time a physical house, and also the mental construct of "mind". Otherwise, if the house in the dream only represented the mind, why would it matter how big the vacuum was, since the vacuum would be a mental construct too. If the vacuum is large and requires a stable house to fit in, maybe that means a stable living situation is tied to my therapist's strategy for keeping his mind free of contaminating dirt?

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Counselor dream

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