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Journal blue trane's Journal: Lake West Camp - Fall 1


Lake West Camp

Wind making leaves fall, sounded like rain (worrying me throughout the night).

Night started out clear, with a bright, near-full (checking the calendar now, it was full) moon directly overhead, and cold - around 37F (according to the car's thermometer).

In the morning (7:20 am) the car thermometer read 49F. Clouds were rolling in.

Slept without a tent (hence the worrying about rain). "Stars shone gloriously" in my eyes as I went to sleep...

Heard a beaver? make a sharp, loud, slapping sound in the lake as I was blowing up the air mattress. At first I thought it was a gunshot, but then a couple minutes later the sound recurred, and I heard the sounds of water rippling around a splash, and figured out it must have been a beaver or otter in the lake ...

Hunters in an elaborate shelter up the road...

Logging trucks in the morning, lots of noise, going fast


Drove up to Brown Creek Camp. Stopped on the way to climb down to a stream and brush my teeth, and wash my face in the clear, cool water

Made hot coffee at a Brown Creek campsite, and hot cereal. It started raining hard!

Thought about the fully observable, stochastic environment of climbing up a slippery, muddy, wet, leaf-covered slope.


Ran down one trail to the river. Saw some wild chickens.

I felt in great shape

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Lake West Camp - Fall

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