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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week a Flop 5

October 2nd to 8th is Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week. It doesn't seem to be making much of an impact though. Calgarians are more worried about the fact that some bike lanes on a busy thoroughfare to downtown are making them late for work. Typical, self-absorbed middle class suburbanites, ignoring the fact that people who slip through the cracks ultimately end up being jailed or living on the street. Do these people not have children of their own? What would happen if mental health issues affected someone they knew? I think they'd stop worrying about finding a different route into downtown, and start worrying about the fact that the province of Alberta provides absolutely no funding outside of acute care. By that time, it is too late.

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Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week a Flop

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  • People don't pay attention to "Awareness " any more because the novelty wore off a long, long time ago and people get that these campaigns do more to benefit the financial situation of people in the awareness industry than the actual problems that we're supposed to become aware of.

  • I have been a Canadian for over 30 years, and have never even heard of this.

    Maybe it's because I'm going crazy. Or maybe it's because there are so many "days of ...", "weeks of ...", "months of ...", and "years of ..." that I've simply stopped paying attention.

    Which is sad, because mental wellness is a pretty sad thing.

    And Calgary has bike lanes downtown? Don't get me wrong, because they have an excellent pathway system. But the only place I can see them running bike lanes is along 7th Avenue south. (Fo

    • by mlauzon ( 818714 )
      You mean 7th Avenue SE & 7th Avenue SW. Yes, I lived in Calgary from June 2005 to late December 2006, and then moved to Edmonton for 7 months and then onto Halifax for just over a year and back to Toronto.

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