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Journal blue trane's Journal: Lake Keechelus Camp 2

For 30 years I've wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of the reservoir that I-90 borders just east of Snoqualmie Pass. Now I'm there! Hundreds of times I've driven by, wanting to stop and play in the lake; today I kayaked up and down it...

I saw rock formations, some freshly blasted exposing uniform bright gray granite, others higher looking as if they'd been undisturbed for many millions of years, tightly folded as ancient sea floors become when crumpled by plate tectonic movement.

One spot on the opposite side of the lake from I-90 had overhanging rocks, forming a sort of high, shallow, water-bottomed cave. I kayaked under the overhang and marveled at the fissures in the rock wall along the back; they were rising towards the south (which is oppposite to most of the inclined lines on the rock walls I've seen around this area). The lines were very regular, straight, and at pretty even intervals. Are these the types of fissures that get filled by the white minerals, as in the Swakane Terrane (but on a much larger scale there)?


The second day, I didn't feel like canoeing again because my right hip was sore from sitting too long the first day, so I took a plunge in the lake instead. The water was pretty warm, and the temperatures must have been in the low eighties. I slowly waded in to the clear lake, stood on a tree trunk barely protruding from the surface, then splashed around a little with the inflatable seat from the kayak. It felt good to get wet and dry off in the sun.


The night was cold. I slept on the inflated bottom of the canoe, having deflated the sides. However I was not really comfortable because of the strong smell of the material.

I had a dream, something about being in high school and watching two confident, sassy, cool guys make fun of the jocks. At one point one of the mockers said to someone, "Reflect it back at them!", referring to the attitude of the jocks I think, which he was redirecting back upon them so as to make them feel the brunt of their own mocking actions towards others.

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Lake Keechelus Camp

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  • I was disappointed that the trees around my camp and the parts of the lake I saw were so young; the area has been heavily logged. There were a lot of stumps (like the one I stood on) in the water and on the shores. Why were they such different heights, one sticking up ten feet, another just a couple?

    The water did wonders for the callouses on my feet.

    • by mekkab ( 133181 )
      I'm of two minds on logging; one hand it's destruction but on the other hand it makes for incredible views and vistas. Regardless, this still sounds like a fantastic time.

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