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Star Trek is GO!

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  • Now we can get to Andromeda in only 2,499,941 years!

  • by tqft ( 619476 )!/search?q=%23mundaneneutrinoexplanations []

    If neutrinos have mass and they probably do - how are they going ligth speed anyway?

    And just to screw with your head []
    "It has been known for many years that the measured mass-square of neutrino is probably negative. For solving this puzzle, we have further investigated the hypothesis that neutrinos are superluminal fermions."

    • Obviously the warp nacelles are to push the neutrinos forward, thus causing negative negative (or double plus good) movement.

      They also can be use for party tricks to make the hostess of a party's underwear jump ten meters forward, but physicists are rarely invited to such parties, since they ask such annoying questions.

      As to how they go light speed - first, you get a really big flashlight - then, you shine it at the neutrino, which gives it the willies, and the resultant fright is what gets them to run away

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