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Journal Triv's Journal: moving is hard 4

I have WAAAAAAY too much stuff. We stuffed my mom's car last weekend, TWICE, and it still looked like nothing had changed in our old apartment.

So I went on a rampage last night, threw everything I could into boxes and stacked them, moved the now empty bookcases against the wall to get 'em outta the way. Looks much much better but there's still quite a bit left to sort through, throw out and pack.

I have so many books it's not even funny. 4 boxes of fiction, 2 boxes of musical scores/sheet music, a box of tech/textbooks. Two boxes of CDs (that are, thanks to iTunes and external storage, staying in the closet). Two boxes of movies. At LEAST 3 full bags of clothes.

That's not even counting the furniture (shudder). AT least we don't need to move my 6-foot desk. Or the bed, or the couches. We had enough money from me selling some old tech and from the girl saving like crazy, to buy new stuff.

Hopefully I'll be ready to move the computer by next weekend. Once that (ok, and the cats) are there the balance shifts from living in Queens and stopping by manhattan to the other way 'round. Can't wait.

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moving is hard

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  • Gagh.. I moved across the country back in December.. I still have boxes and boxes of packed useless things.

    Unfortunately, I also have boxes and boxes of useless things that I decided to unpack anyway, making less room for more useful things.. ... but far be it for me to throw all that crap out! I might need that box full of Macintosh apps from 1994, or my "Programming in BASIC" books!

    Hey, wanna trade junk? Maybe your junk will be more interesting to me than it is to you.. :)
    • I don't think so. Interesting junk that I've got, off the top of my head:
      • Manual for MasterTracks Pro 6 (the company went under 5 years ago and the software isn't supported over system 7.5.x)
      • Defunct software (like Star Trek: A Final Unity)
      • Nintendo/Genesis/PSOne games (arguably useful but I have no idea WHERE those systems will go)
      • TONS of clothes
      • TONS of extra furniture
      • TONS of books (Including "Chicken soup for the college-age soul. Don't ask.)
      • and finally, Every kitchen gadget my father's ever bo
      • Nintendo... (arguably useful but I have no idea WHERE those systems will go)

        Giddy-up! I've always got room for more crap that helps me relive my wasted youth!

        Some of my junk consists of (I don't know how to do bullets.. hah):

        - Newspapers from important events that happen around the world (9/11, Y2K, famous murders, etc).
        - Two Mac Duo 210's with Dock that don't work.
        - Punching bag with small hole in it (Why the hell do I keep that thing around?!)
        - Mismatched pieces of Tupperware that don't hav
        • After Bush's address last night I wished I lived in Canada. Cretien spoke better in English than Bush did. That's a feakish thing.

          And just FYI: unordered listed follow this form:
          <LI>more foo</LI>
          <LI>yet more foo</LI>

          Wow. I never thought I'd be teaching anyone html. that's...scary. :)


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