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Journal Qzukk's Journal: What the *fuck* people? More research? 1

Wasn't the UI research project that became D2 bad enough?

Do we REALLY need to have a sidebar of snide comments by trolls next to every comment?

The very first comment I see with this new system, we have roman_mir "distilling" the text "It requires fraud, misrepresentation. US Govt is not lying about where the money goes." to "I don't know what a ponzi scam is, but I will pretend I do. I also don't understand lies, when I hear them"

He's absolutely right (with regards to ponzi scheme not requiring fraud, he's welcome to prove that he's heard the government lie about what it's spending the money on), but that doesn't make him come off as any less of a complete asshole by using this distillery bullshit rather than a reply-able comment.

who needs to fix bugs when we can add new ones!

just to be sure...

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What the *fuck* people? More research?

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  • You mentioned roman_mir specifically. I presume you are aware as much as I and others that he is just a conservative troll. Notice how much he loves to self-reference, as if quoting himself somehow makes his bullshit become fact. He doesn't do research, and wouldn't be able to recognize it if it landed in his soup. He just googles for shit that supports (his fantasies about) ron paul and spouts it as gospel.

    I first noticed this hack when he posted a JE bitching about being moderated as a troll. The

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