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Journal nj_peeps's Journal: one server, or one server with many virtuals? 4

So, I am in the planing of expanding my home network. I am going to include, a wordpress blog, email (including webmail, imap, etc) webserver (separate from wordpress), proxy server (with content filtering), file server, mysql, and a jabber server. I plan on centralizing logins by openldap. I will other people outside of my home accessing some of these services. My question to the masses is: should I run all of these on one box, or on a slightly bigger box in VM's. I am looking to keep cost down, and also to keep the box as power efficient as possible.

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one server, or one server with many virtuals?

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  • For security purposes you should consider running each in a virtual machine so that if one is compromised the others won't be.
    • Yea, that was one of the reasons i have been thinking about virtuals. But, it would also make it a bit more painful to admin.
      • It wouldn't be too difficult to set up though, as there are many different servers available as prepackaged virtual machine images.

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