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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: Please Read Every Word of This 12


Look at any woman or child on the street. In your home...

Then read it again.


When you see camouflage, at the airport, in the corner shop? There is no way to disassociate "Baby Killer".

If that's the price of "freedom"? Give it up.

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Please Read Every Word of This

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  • They kill themselves [time.com] so frequently. They cannot live with the knowledge that they burned infants to death and shot pregnant girls in the head for nothing at all.

    If you want to support the troops? Help them AWOL.

  • The comments are most illuminating.

    • The pity is, like BoingBoing and Xymphora, Chris Floyd uses Disqus for comments. To be functional, this requires an unacceptable level of privacy-tracking and super-cookie permission.

      I won't do it - so I can neither post, nor even SEE comments.

      Fuck 'em! Put their privacy money where their mouth is! I'm with the FSF - when choosing between functionality or freedom, go for freedom. It may take ten or more years to contribute the functionality - but it'll be YOURS. When you give the freedom? The function

      • Here's a couple of them:

        Yeah- pretty much that and more sums up why I don't care to "participate" in the "system" any more. I don't care to know about the stupid political fortunes and latest stupid gossip about these ghouls- and I don't care about their moronic internecine spats- and I no longer consume it. And I find myself completely incurious about who these "candidates" are. All I know- is that anyone who seeks that office- is insane and deranged and it doesn't matter who sits there. Anyone who wan

        • Thanks. Beautiful stuff.

          "Its like watching high level Nazi functionaries jockeying for "power" in the final days of the Third Reich. It's sickening."

          That is a lone voice of sanity, crying to be heard.

      • ON my list of things to do is talk to Pescowitz (sp?) at Boing Boing about this. Did Disqus tell him what information would be tracked? Is he aware of the fact that even if you create a separate Disqus account for each site you visit they can still track you?

        Yeah, my commenting is pretty much limited to sites that roll their own message systems.

        Since this is JC's home here I feel completely comfortable in saying: if I was the FBI/CIA intelliplex one of the first things I would do is create a shell company t

        • Yeah. That, or just become one of their paying customers for comment profiling. Who needs a subpoena, when you have a black budget?

  • In the 60s my parents called our troops baby killers.

    Then, after the pain of Vietnam had faded a bit, the consensus became, "War is horrible but it's not the fault of the troops that bad things happen."

    But Bush Jr pushed me right out of agnosticism and into the arms of the Quakers, just like my father before me.

    Now Bush Jr. II has blessed me with the perspective about why my parents would say such mean things about our troops, BECAUSE THEY WERE KILLING BABIES.

    I fully expect to be beaten next time I open my

    • Freedom isn't free.

      It is extracted from the burned corpses of mothers and their tiny children, in places their killers can't find on a map.

      All war is crime.

    • I fully expect to be beaten next time I open my mouth in public about this.

      Then they'll have to beat a lot of us.

      Either some misguided fool is going to kill me or I will end up setting myself on fire on the capital steps.

      Better to set fire to the capital steps. Maybe it'll catch.

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