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Journal rk's Journal: I've said this in comments 5

But for anyone who might have missed it, You can connect with me on Google + by putting together my user name here and my user id number (6314), and turning that into a Gmail address. Shadow Wrought's departure reminded me that people are indeed fleeing from here faster than Mensa members from a Pauly Shore Film Festival, so hit me up if you like.

I also have a metric ton of invites for it, so if you're actually still not part of THE NEW SOCIAL NETWORKING SENSATION (/me spits a little bile up), and would like to be, I can help.

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I've said this in comments

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  • "Your search - - did not match any documents."

    Meh, I'll figure it out over the weekend.
  • Added you....That would be "Jorg Willekens", in case you wonder. I have 150 invites... Holy fucking maloney. Are they that desperate?

  • by Nethead ( 1563 )

    Thanks Randy. I've enjoyed your various thoughts and remarks over the years (almost decades?).

    And yeah, /. has really gone downhill. More like news for consumer tech buyers now.

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