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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Backports is the magical word.... 2

Staying on Squeeze, I can run Compiz, run VueScan, the themes are not messed up, etc....

Remaining problem: the internationalization applet... I'll work around that. Interestingly that's called gnome-language-selector, so you'd expect it to be part of Gnome.

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Backports is the magical word....

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  • Why can't you just download FF & TB from and let them worry about the updates.

    I understand not wanting to compile it yourself - keeping up to date.

    have you seen this? Does that help with your localization problem - as English only I never worry about that. Mind you Oz or UK English might be better for me than the US version. []

    • Why can't you just download FF & TB from and let them worry about the updates.

      Assuming that this is not a rhetorical question, it's because they don't provide debian repositories. You're set back to the "Windows Ways Of Doing Things". It is entirely possible to download the binaries (there even are 64-bit binaries, if you know where to look), but each time there is a new release, you have to download them unbzip2 them. (Using softlinks is an easy way... for example your /opt/firefox poin

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