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Journal PopeRatzo's Journal: Happening faster than I thought it would... 5

After the bankruptcy "reform" of the last decade (which only applied to the lower income levels), we knew it was only a matter of time before the return of debtors' prison and forced work camps. There was never any question that this was where Reaganomics would take us.

I guess I just didn't expect that we'd see it so soon. When the new privatized prison system meets debtors prisons, something very very ugly is going to emerge. And it appears it's going to happen within the next couple of years.

If you are very very wealthy, and you find yourself unable to pay your debt, the government will force citizens to make you whole. If you are part of the working or lower classes and find yourself unable to pay your debt, you have become an enemy of the New Corporate State and will be treated accordingly.

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Happening faster than I thought it would...

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  • Does the article have a second part, or what? Where's the rest? you know - about the real coming threat of debtors prison?

    Contempt of court is the convenient catchall to get anybody they want.. <Totally fucked> [startribune.com]... except for the free medical care...

    Oh, and post war economic recovery was exclusive to the US, Western Europe, and Japan.. The rest of the world was still fucked..

    Re: the author; I have doubts about anybody who would credit the Federal Reserve with keeping "America from sinking back into dep

  • As with countertrolling, I did not see anything in the article about debtor's prisons or even a realistic threat of them. There are some things the author could make at least a case from (such as the use of tactical teams by the Department of Education over student loans...) but the author did not actually bother.

    And yes, painting either Keynes or the Fed as the hero is rather ironic. The Federal Reserve and general environment of loose money caused the derivatives crisis just as the same kind of stupidity

  • A thousand pardons, Your Holiness, but did you merely see the title of Kuttner's essay while forgetting the actual "read the essay" part?

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