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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Dell would never give 50% off for a laptop, right? 11

I've been registered to the "promotional offers" newsletter from Dell for years. Usually you get a code for 5% or 10% off and that's why I keep them. You never know you need a computer and why pay more, right?

Sometimes, they send a promotional code that can give you a saving of 5%, 15%, 25% or 50%. Of course, I never expect the damned thing to actually give 50% and every time I tried I hit the 5% or 15% and then I simply discard the shopping basket.

Today I got one of these offers again, and as always, I try for the 50%. So, I select a XPS15, configure it with a Quad i7, set the screen to Full HD, and some little gimmicks left and right. It's a promotional one, apparently original price is 1388.99€, a discount of 339.00€ is applied anyway, resulting in a price of 1049,99€. I'd never shell out that kind of money for a laptop these days.

Then I apply the code... 50%!!!! Holy fuck!. A Core i7 for 525€

Now I sit here fighting with myself whether I should really leave such a deal...

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Dell would never give 50% off for a laptop, right?

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  • A 1400 laptop for 600? I wouldn't even blink before clicking through.

    • I ordered three... Yes, the discount applied to EVERYTHING I bought. So, I asked my brother and sister if they were interested. I called my wife for authorization for myself. I got vetoed. Later I called to get my credit card number (forgot my wallet) because I wanted to order for my bro 'n sis and I got a "Do whatever you think is right" instead of the Veto.

      I frankly don't need one, but this way waaaay to good to let go unused.

      • Pray that you never have to replace the hard drive... "Some disassembly required"

        • I'm only familiar with their business lines where that stuff is easy. My current laptop(s) all are easy to disassemble (Easy access to at least HDD and RAM) and none of them are business line laptops, but none are Dells either. Let's just hope that if it fails it's still under warranty, and if not, too bad, then I can open it without fear ;-)

          • Speaking from experience with the Dells that I've owned, they provided proper manuals telling you everything you need to know to service the machine and replace the various parts. So you should be OK in that regard.


      • NICE!

        Very nice.

        • I knew you'd like it... It does change from my usual dumpster diving antics, I must admit.

          • Well, you could aways wrap it in plastic, put it in the dumpster, and then take it out again.

            "I rescued it from a dumpster!"

            Same as the guy who goes to the market, and tells the fishmonger to toss him a salmon so he can truthfully say he "caught it."

            • Oh, come on Barb.... I know you love my dumpster diving stories. I'll be entirely honest: my Turion X2 laptop is 100% fine for what I do. The offer was just too goo to let go, and dear wifey understood that after explaining it in terms (non-tech) women understand :-P

              • I'm not criticizing - I think it was a great deal, the sort of deal that if you can get it, why not?

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