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Journal clang_jangle's Journal: So long, slashdot 5

This account will be inactive starting today, May 22 2011.
Slashdot has gained over a million new users since I joined a few years ago, and those users include so many wannabes, trolls, and astroturfers. Slashdot has gone from being a place with many knowledgeable regulars to a place where trolling, "snarkiness", fanbois, and haters are together the majority, all but drowning out the voices of the more knowledgeable and serious.

It was good for awhile, but it's over for me now. So long, slashdot! Thanks for the memories...

Edit 03312012:
Wellp, it's been just a bit less than a year since I last logged in to slashdot. Today I came back out of boredom and curiosity. So, am I back? We'll see...

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So long, slashdot

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  • Please don't leave. We might not see eye to eye on things but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your comments! There are good users on Slashdot, you just have to find them and friend them.

    There are trolls and rubbish people but it's the same with all communities. Few online communities have stood the test of time as Slashdot. It has definitely changed for the worse but I'm not jumping ship yet, we can hold it together.

    I would like to know where you will go instead? Reddit?

  • I too appreciate your comments as relatively rare gems in a maelstrom of, as you say, rubbish. I'm sorry to see you go, but understand your doing so.

    I guess, if the ship's not sinking, the rats must be the ones not leaving...

    As for scifi recommendations, I had a blast reading Douglas Adams (his five-part trilogy, as well as Heart of Gold), Ender's Game, and, perhaps surprisingly, Edgar Burroughs' Mars trilogy as well as Jules Verne -- ancient, but technically scifi. If you're open to unknown short works, do

  • by smash ( 1351 )

    ... you're still posting here.


  • Time to post an article to Slashdot asking where all the technical elite hang out now that Slashdot's gone down the toilet... ;)

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