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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: Canadian Web Surveillance Plan Under Scrutiny

The Conservative party is proposing legislation to increase government Internet surveillance in Canada. This legislation has been rolled up with a number of other crime bills that failed during Harper's minority government, including providing funds to build new jails. Specifically, the surveillance would no longer require a warrant, and all Internet providers would be forced to identify the owner of an IP address or device on its network simply for the asking. It would also require all network providers to allow for real time surveillance of all users of an ISP's service. In addition to probably passing the costs of these ridiculous measures onto the consumer, this legislation fails on many counts.

First, the network surveillance components have not even been discussed in Parliament yet. Stephen Harper clearly wants to pass this legislation without anybody finding out. Second, this legislation is unconsitutional, denying people their right to due diligence. If the courts do not review requests for surveillance, then we are trusting increasingly corrupt Canadian police forces to have sound judgement in when to invoke their right to "lawful access". Finally, the proposed legislation is ineffective. It is based on fearmongering rather than improved ability to track down anonymous cyber-criminals who are skilled at hiding their tracks and utilizing the network resources of others.

Harper's majority government represents the beginning of the end of civil freedom in Canada. This crime bill is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Canadian Web Surveillance Plan Under Scrutiny

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