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Journal FirstNoel's Journal: Things do change 2

Ok, last time I wrote here was a longgg time ago.

WoW's x-pac came out, and then another did. woof..

Within the last 6 weeks I got a new job.

Don't know if anyone still reads Journals on /. This place used to be packed, with EmEmalb, FortKnow, SolemnDragon, etc etc... And I'm not sure if /. still has it's relevance it once had. Kind of sad, passing of an era.

Any way, new job, I left the Elevator business, (too many ups and downs....ooof). Now in the do-it-yourself area. (hand tools). The old job was getting stale and a little flaky, they wiped out my team, luckily I already had my resume together and was looking when they moved me to "tech support". From Lead Programmer/Analyst to factory tech...yeah that's going to work...

Anyway, nearly a year afterward, I got this job. Back into programming. I'm still extremely new, and trying to learn their processes. It's like going from the kiddie pool to an Olympic sized pool. a) pee to water ratio is better, b) beau coup opportunities to grow.

My commute went from 20 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes..oof, figures just as gas prices skyrocket. The drive is nice, even if it does involve some highway driving. My wife was worried I'd hate it. But so far I'm fine. Gives me time to chill.

Job is good, if I can keep some stuff on my plate. I keep asking for more. And I'm not familiar enough with their stuff to look for improvement areas. So for now, I'm trying to find something to do to at least look busy. I want to be busy, I actually started to dislike surfing the net. I want to code. I was working on one of my own projects for a while. But even there I need something new.

I will say that the job environment here is awesome compared to where I was. My new boss was telling me how it's not as positive as it once was due to recent changes, I'm like, compared to where I was this is great. As much as some people may not care for certain decisions made and such, they all seem to really care about the products and their customers. The cynicism here is at a minimum. It's a shock to my system.

  Kind of calm otherwise...


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Things do change

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