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Journal DaytonCIM's Journal: Tuesday is for cassettes and VWs

On tap is The Cure - The Head on the Door. Takes me back to my '69 Red VW Bug and the Alpine with 6x9s (straight from Pep Boys) I put in my junior year. I had three tapes: The Cure, Rush, and George Thorogood and played the hell out of all of 'em.

I'm "re-discovering" The Head on the Door and I have to say, what an amazing album... fantastic songwriting and such an eclectic mix of influences. From the pop infused In Between Days to the Spanish Flamenco tinged The Blood... every song on the album is amazing, but different.

And of course, there is Close To Me and A Night Like This, which coupled with In Between Days makes this album a classic and one that will stand the test of time...
I must be in a reminiscing mood, because I've come back to /. and started up my journal... and yesterday I went for drive through HB. Wasn't quite the warm fuzzy memory lane drive that I was hoping for, because the whole damned place has changed and the long-arm of Satan-worshiping OC Developers has wiped away everything that I remember (except for the 17th street deli and the downtown post office).

I hate that they built two (and a third is in the works) monstrous "beach resorts" on PCH... they look like shit and attract touristy asshats that don't know how to pick up their own garbage.

I hate that downtown has become a drug-infested, white trash Gangland episode... and the weekends are straight stupid with thousands of drunk assholes puking and fighting and pissing up and down Main.

I hate that developers have built homes on EVERY square inch of land all the way up to Goldenwest... and now the oil fields of Bolsa Chica are being decommissioned and condos and homes built there: yeah! no two-headed babies will EVER be born there on top of the now "safe" oil fields...

I had lunch at Las Barcas. Great Mexican food... place has been there 26 years or so... at least they're aren't going anywhere. Oh wait, yeah they're being told they need to close for 6 months while the landlord "rebuilds" the strip mall into a MODERN Italian Villaesque destination shopping resort.

What the fuck?

Yeah: Modern Italian Villa Destination Shopping Resort.

April. Just in case you were wondering.
"cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door"
5 extra credit points if you can tell me why they're call "Jumping Jacks."
I can't spell to save my life. Word spell checker overheats when I write a proposal or blog entry or letter... and my grammar is for shit. You can see it for yourself, I don't need to point it out. It just makes me feel better to admit it, because I can make fun of it, thus justifying my lack English Skillz.
Yeah. Tomorrow is Wednesday. One day closer to the new Gojira album.

That's it.

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Tuesday is for cassettes and VWs

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