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Journal On Lawn's Journal: Solving Culture war issues by making Legal Code more like C 9

Ever thought that the reason we are fighting over things like same-sex marriage, is because our legal system is a dinosaur of code? While programming languages have made many leaps and bounds over decades, legal code is still stuck in the dark ages. With just one simple feature common to all programming languages, we can make a real compromise.

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Solving Culture war issues by making Legal Code more like C

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  • That was a lame April Fool's.
    • Nah, embrace the concept:
      bool CanGetMarried (Person *p1, Person *p2) {
      if (p1->Gender() == p2->Gender()) { return false; }
      if ((p1->Age() < 18) || (p2->Age() < 18)) {return false;}
      if ((p1->IsMarried()) || (p2->IsMarried())) {return false;}
      if ((!p1->IsHuman()) || (!p2->IsHuman())) {return false;}
      return true; }

      Formatted poorly since slashcode would bitch about it if I made it look like proper code.
      • by On Lawn ( 1073 )

        Everyone I've argued with has at their core a sentiment like Captain Splendid, marriage has nothing to do with procreation or the equality between the man/woman/child they potentially have together.

        Everyone I've discussed this with that defends marriage thinks that marriage equality should mean the equal recognition of the rights and responsibilities of the man/woman/child they potentially have together.

        Those are distinct realities, and the only compromise can come from writing two different set of laws, de

        • So how can you see your opinion on this relating, if any, to how some want Sharia Law or parts thereof codified into the U.S. legal system, for those who are practicing Muslims and want to be subject to that particular reality?

          First there was multi-culturalism, and now are we going to have multi-legalism in a sense, maybe?

          • are we going to have multi-legalism in a sense, maybe?

            Nothing new about that. "Multi-legalism" was codified into law all the way up to the mid 60s..

            • by On Lawn ( 1073 )

              There, you might have something.

              In writing that piece, I felt the strong pull of the muses to write the IFDEF based on identity politics. Perhaps the "I'm a homosexual so I am eugenically supposed to exclude the other gender from a marriage" identity basis for rights really does have its closest mirror in the "I'm a white and I'm eugenically supposed to exclude the other race from my society".

              That you drew the parallel also seems to validate that identity politics is not equality, and hence invalidate neute

              • That's pretty heavy. I was thinking it's just business. The "morality" and "values" angle is just that. Something for the "little people" to occupy themselves while the big boys count their chips. It's like believing the old Politburo actually spent their time discussing Marx, when in truth, they were speculating dividends on their spreadsheets like everybody else. The people who make the rules don't base them on the same thing that the public thinks it does. Animal instinct trumps all the fancy linguistics

          • by On Lawn ( 1073 )

            Multi-legalism seems to be the natural expression of multi-culturalism.

  • is nothing more than a check mark on a tax form. What "culture war"? Who's making this stuff up?

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