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Journal DaytonCIM's Journal: Wednesd@y is for R0ad Tr1ps 2

Poway. Really?
Tomorrow is Opening Day 2011! While I am not as hopeful about the Angels this season as I was... say two years ago... I am excited to get back to Baseball!

Oh yeah... I almost forgot: Yankees suck balls.
With the coming of Baseball is... C A M P I N G! Yes, I know I could be camping tonight, but it's a little too cold and wet for my little girls... I got all of our gear out this last weekend and took inventory. Everything looks great and nothing is broken (that's a first!). I need 2 new first aid packs, since my oldest daughter decided to perform her best Evil Knevil on a scoooooter last Summer and took off the top 3 layers of skin from her knee to her foot.

And my alternate pack will expire in July. Sooooo, time to go shopping!


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Wednesd@y is for R0ad Tr1ps

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  • Where we pay for the privilege of sleeping outdoors on the ground like homeless people do every day, the mosquitoes get trapped inside the tent, the dear-flys have knives and forks, and the outhouse has racing stripes because of the egg salad sandwiches ...

    ... wouldn't have missed it for the world, though! Enjoy.

  • I wont be at an opening game but I will catch one of the first Rays games later this year.

    Gonna try to camp too - down in the Keys. We've been here 5 years and never made it down there so we need to squeeze a trip in before we move. Never have felt too inclined to camp in Florida though - too hot, sandy, swampy, etc. I prefer being in the mountains if I'm going to be in a tent.

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