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Journal squiggleslash's Journal: Well, crap 2

T-Mobile was the last honest (well, insofar as a cellular operator can be honest) carrier. They even hosted forums on rooting your Android phones (and wished Cyanogen happy birthday on Twitter) for fuck's sake.

The bastards aren't even content to take over and slowly do their evil thing: AT&T hates T-Mobile customers so much they're even going to turn off 3G and "4G" (HSPA+) for TMo customers within a year of taking the reins.

If the merger goes ahead, I'm not really sure who to go with. Probably whoever's cheapest. Virgin Mobile maybe, or MetroPCS. The latter even has an LTE network. I'd make a comment about hoping the Obama admin quashes the merger on competition grounds, but I'm sore after working on the new house, and I'm not sure my sides can take it.

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Well, crap

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  • AT&T is the T-1000. You can hack it into little pieces, but it will eventually reform.
  • I have a grandfathered @t Home POTS (style) line and a need UMA at my house. I had an extra phone for a wayward step-daughter that I didn't need any more with 5 months left on the contract. The always pleasant T-Mobile support waved the ETF and cut the line for me because we have been a customer for 5 years. T-Mobile has always bent over backwards to help me get the best plan to fit my current situation. Always very fair prices too.

    This deal makes me sick. I may just have to go back to using the 2-meter

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