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My views on what happened in Wisconsin

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  • Johnson did.. Maybe Roosevelt, or Wilson did. Doesn't matter. Obama is playing the role he was given. And the people chant when the director says, "Action!" In all social hierarchies we see a common mode of failure. Authority, left unattended, will become corrupt. This appears to be an absolute. And the cycle will repeat.

  • The damage was done by the DLC/Clinton/Third Way sellout of the 90s, enabled by the mushy middle and third world sweatshops.

    Obama's just a product of that, not the source.
    • No, the damage was done by Obama. Obama won because the coalition came back together, largely became the groups reacted against Bush's extremism. Obama was selected as candidate because he wasn't the DLC candidate, and he claimed to be a representative for all three groups.

      Once in office, he gave a big fuck you to liberals, and turned himself into something no liberal can stomach voting for, for reasons that today remain completely unexplained. And the two remaining groups didn't care.

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