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Journal mandelbr0t's Journal: A Monster goes Free 1

It has finally happened. The polarization between police and citizen has become so marked that a monster is going free. His name is James Louie, and today, a forensic psychologist declared that he meets the criteria for Not Criminially Responsible (more or less the same as an insanity plea in the US). This testimony will almost certainly move the jury to find Mr. Louie NCR, and he will not spend any time in jail as a result. His crimes are horrific, but preventable. This American-style justice that has pervaded Alberta is based upon persecution and unwarranted invasions of privacy, as well as misuse of process. Complaints to responsible parties go unanswered, save for the denial of any political interference. Here, at last, is the justice Alberta deserves. A monster goes free, 2 children are dead, and a woman is terrified for many years to come. It is time for the police to admit fault and take a different approach. Police Chief Rick Hanson has proposed "safe jails" where mental illness and addictions are considered before the tag "criminal" is applied and left with one for the rest of their life. It's high time the police started acting instead of talking. We do not want another Mr. Louie.

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A Monster goes Free

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