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Journal __aatirs3925's Journal: Who shot Cowboy Neal?

Call it nostalgia, but I miss Cowboy Neal. It's been ages since he's showed up in a poll and I feel like there is a lack of options beyond the usual lack of options. Because of this I have deducted that Cowboy Neal was shot and is now being held cryogenically frozen somewhere in Illinois, perhaps next to The Duke. IF he was shot, I presume it must have been someone who wanted revenge, and perhaps this was a bully back when Cowboy Neal was known as Little Neal. Perhaps this bully saw just how amazing Cowboy Neal was and it infuriated that all that he had was a drunken fat body and a trailer in the middle of nowhere. This is probably where the rage came from and was enough to drive him over the edge and shoot Cowboy Neal. Perhaps this is from the imagination from that little hamster in my mind or I have tapped into my inner psychic abilities, either way, wherever you are Cowboy Neal, you will always be remembered.

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Who shot Cowboy Neal?

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