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Journal gmhowell's Journal: My experience with the new interface 12

Well, it was easy to find the 'write in journal' link. Or is that from my slashbox? I dunno. I don't care. Second, it works better for me on IE 8.0 than it does on FF 3.6.

No FF compatibility, less readability than 2.0, inability to save preferences? Lame.

No wonder the number of comments to articles is down. Substantially by my seat of the pants estimation. Eighteen comments on a Android vs. Symbian troll article after 35 minutes? Anti-Apple troll article has 67 comments after three hours?!

They either wanted to drive down page views, will roll this back, or Netcraft will soon confirm it.

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My experience with the new interface

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  • CT got paid plenty when /. was bought by whomever ever so long ago, but obviously the contract said he had to stay until some conditions are met - maybe low usgae, closure by parent.

    So no bug fixes, then idle and now this.

    I can see a plan by following the money.

    Anyway it is a good conspiracy theory.

  • No separation between comments, seriously, wtf.

  • I've been to /. since the redesign, but not to the journals. I left a comment off the E17-related article. I was surprised, as it seemed like the Slashdot interface finally worked.

    This, on the other hand, is amazing crap. Did they fix it for the main areas of the site, and just uberbreak it for journals?

    • Yeah, the main areas of the site seem fine. I wonder if they simply forgot to provide CSS styles for the journal section.

      • <webdevgeekery>

        For D1 at least (the only one I use), the markup for JE's in their default view is sent such that the last element in the following DOM path, copied from Firebug, is missing its "comments" ID:

        html body.user section div.col_2 section#content.grid_24 section#firehose div#comments.grid_24

        Without that ID, the green and silver horizontal bars aren't applied, as neither are the textual stylings of the text for the silver bar. (And as a result of no green bar, the white text for that bar is

        • Needs a Flickr pool of screenshots of fail.

          Also, seriously? You'd think after so many serial failures in rolling out site styling and UI updates, they'd have some kind of checklist to make sure they tested with an array of browsers, and in every general area of the site.

          *shakes head*

          • An image gallery revealing the sheer breadth of Slashdot v3 fail would be quite amusing. Surely someone must've done one. I'm amazed at how many different ways I've been seeing the looks of this site being described. It's like it renders significantly differently for each browser line there is. But that's entirely likely to happen when you redesign your site using a bunch of non-standard styles and markup, like -moz and -webkit extension styles, and HTML 5 tags. But then why would a "freedom in softwar

  • by GigsVT ( 208848 )

    Why are all these comments light gray on white with no separation between them. This UI feels very strange to me.

    Also, I can't seem to easily find replies to my comments. When I click on things in my messages, it goes to some other random point in the thread.

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