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Journal chill's Journal: Egypt and the Internet 4

Well, I moderated in the Egypt discussion, so I can't post now. Normally, I don't care, but there seems to be a dearth of useful information in there.

Here is a good blog with technical details on how Egypt was withdrawn from the Internet as a whole.

It looks like the BGP routers, about 3,500 of them spread across five major Egyptian ISPs were withdrawn.

What is going to be severely damaging to the Egyptian regime and State as a whole is the impact this will have on the stock and commodities markets whenever they reopen in Egypt. As is the market was ordered closed for Sunday after it fell more than 6% in under 15 minutes the last day it traded. Other regional markets, such as Saudi Arabia, also took decent hits.

And, of course, there are protests in Jordan, Yemen and Albania as well. Jordan is the one that worries me most.

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Egypt and the Internet

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  • Fuck the markets. The farmer just has to get his food delivered. And people need to resist eviction. Maybe all these protests will show you don't need Wall Street for that. The collapse of the finance bullshit is the best thing that can possibly happen. I'm interested in Saudi Arabia. Now that would be very impressive to see it fall like the towers. Let's see if the Americans will back off when the time comes.

    • by chill ( 34294 )

      Commodities markets are where the food is bought and sold for everyone who doesn't live on or next to a farm. The commoditization of the automobile and decades of cheap oil shaped the United States into a nation that can't simply live by the local farmer any more.

    • Fuck the markets.

      Indeed. Sideways, without lube.

      I'm interested in Saudi Arabia.

      You and many others. My colleagues and I are rubbing our hands at the prospect of $400/bbl oil, with a later tail-off to $200/bbl. As long as none of my friends are working there when the walls start to get bullet-riddled.

      Now that would be very impressive to see it fall like the towers.

      The Dubai towers have fallen? Almost makes me want to turn the TV on.

      Let's see if the Americans will back off when the time comes.

      Can they handle

  • Technically speaking, can't we just place new routers in parallel with the old routers? That's the way the internet is designed. Practically speaking, I understand the difficulty. The cops could follow the wires straight to the "perpetrator".

    This would be a good project for hams, using wireless links. Rather than broadcasting, use point to point links, maybe even AMSAT. That would make it harder to find the transceivers.

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