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Journal blinder's Journal: Nearly Two Years? 10

yikes. so yeah not dead.

just wanted to drop a quick update for folks who never made the "migration" that i've been pretty busy with the music stuff. spent the last year and a half writing and recording (in a proper studio) a record that was just released earlier this month.

it's nothing earth shatteringly new, more instrumental post-rock, but i got more ambient with it (which is really where i'm going musically)

yeah just more output, another contribution to the noisy attention-whoring part of the internets.

release info:

yeah i'm going to try to not neglect this place for as long.

oh for the love of all that is holy... who puts the "write in journal" link at the _bottom_ of the screen? i see /. is sucking as much if not more than usual.

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Nearly Two Years?

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  • The stupid journal link has been hard to find in ages. I have added: [] in my slashbox, so I find it immediately.

    • by blinder ( 153117 ) *

      yeah gather that, and since it has been ages since i've been here... just thought i'd take the opportunity to bitch and moan about it now :)

  • Just picked it and How Much More Difficult Will This Get on Amazon mp3... thanks for the link and info.


    • by blinder ( 153117 ) *

      heh yeah that's the old one that i recorded in my living room :)
      the "do they still make lighthouses?" is the new one. i chronicled the making of it on the fb page with a few photos taken in the studio.


  • Just in time for the new layout, and the inevitable bug shakeout. :-)

    I do go by Multiply on occasion, and I've listened to some of your tracks. Very good stuff. I've been glad to see that you are having some success at it. I have some vinyl records, though I don't currently have a working turntable. But that limited edition vinyl is very intriguing.

    Best wishes for continued success.

  • Glad things ahve been going well. I lookf orward to checking out the music in more detail. I already know a couple people, at least, who I'll be sharing it with, too.

    As for the design, however it bad it may be on FF or Opera, it actively hurts under IE. They changed the formatting a bit, but [] works nicely for most of your /. needs :-)

    Does this mean you're going start bouncing around these parts more?
    • by blinder ( 153117 ) *

      hey shadow! :)
      oh oh thanks! i love the word-of-mouth thing :) most appreciated!

      yeah i'm going to try to be around here more often. life is just so incredibly hectic and crazy busy... in fact, maybe i'll drop another je just to upload briefly what's been going on.

      • That would be awesome to hear what you're up to these days. I started on the migration, but multiply just wasn't for me. I mainly keep up now with everyone from teh Circle days via twitter. But I'm bad about that sometimes, too :-)
  • *wave* :)

    Still reading journals here, but don't bother anymore with that news site they have bolted onto the journalling system...


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