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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [geek + query] Looking for HTML component for Delphi/C++ Builder 4

I know I am asking this to the wrong crowd - Delphi is a Windows product and this is a mostly Unix/Linux/Mac kind of place. Nervertheless, I have a project I'm fiddling with and I need to be able to render HTML. I had planned on wxWidgets as my platform but I cannot get it to compile properly anymore for some odd-ball reason. So... My fallback is that I have the latest and greatest version of Delphi on my Windows partition, and I am willing to go that route to get down to it. The problem is that I need a VCL component (window, panel, whatever) that can handle rendering the HTML for me. My budget for such a component is around $100.

Anyone know of one that they would recommend?

I suppose I could use the OCX control for IE, but I need something faster. The Gecko engine is out of the question as there is no guarantee that any given machine will have FireFox or Mozilla.

JE open to anyone other than AC.

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[geek + query] Looking for HTML component for Delphi/C++ Builder

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      • That's hilarious. Of course I just did a trip to South Carolina from Oregon, and it was 20 degrees colder in South Carolina!
  • IE is a good bet on Windows, but that's not fast enough for you. Gecko is a possibility, but there's no guarantee it'll be there. (Could you pack it along yourself?)

    You might try WebKit. You might also see what Opera offers for an embeddable widget.

    No solid idea on license or budget considerations on these; at work, busy, just whipping out some ideas.

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