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Journal camperdave's Journal: 2012 Sigs

The following is a list of sigs I have had, or will have (in no particular order).
  1. Well, my days of not taking Slashdot seriously are certainly coming to a middle...
  2. I am a vampire. I may ponder, or mull, or mediate, consider, ruminate, or think about...
    ...but I never reflect.
  3. Flying cars: Bringing stupid into the third dimension.
  4. For there ain't no Bottle in all the world
    Like that dear little Bottle of mine.
  5. It's not how much gold there is, but who's wielding it.
  6. "This is E.G. Marshall inviting you to return to our Mystery Theater for another adventure in the Macabre. Until next time, pleasant dreams?"
  7. If the lessons of history teach us any one thing, it is that no one learns the lessons that history teaches.
  8. Woah... Frogger flashback!
  9. What happened?
    He was starting to make sense. So I shot him.
  10. Build a better mousetrap and patent lawyers will beat a path to your door, carrying cease and desist letters.
  11. I'm gonna develop grass that only grows an inch and a half tall, and retire on the hush-money from the mower companies.
  12. I resent that. I am not sleeping on the job. I'm thinking laterally... with my eyes closed.
  13. adoxography: (n) 1. Skilled writing on an unimportant subject. 2. Any Slashdot posting.
  14. What fun it is to laugh and sing a slaying song tonight!
  15. If money is power, why don't we fix the dollar to the kilowatt?
  16. Buy our vacuum cleaners. They really suck!
  17. The pen was considered mightier than the sword until it was discovered that a sword could hack off a person's hands.
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