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Journal Timex's Journal: Niceties 8

There are a few things happening around Chez Timex:
  • I have IPv6 at home now. It's mostly limited to one system and it's encapsulated over IPv4[1], but it's there and it works.
  • I'm playing with Blogs again, though I'm not sure where it's going to go. As you may have noticed, I don't seem to have a lot to say lately. (It doesn't help that for much of last year and this, as far as I know or care, the "Comments disabled" bit seems to be b0rken. I set it to disabled, and people were still able to post.)
  • The plague (well, not literally) is making its rounds. It's mostly in the form of nasty colds that don't want to let go.
  • Computers in the house are aging and the better ones are threatening to go on strike, if they don't quit outright.
  • My employer is in the process of being bought, pending regulatory approval. So far, it sounds like a Good Thing(tm), though anyone with experience in these things can tell you that this can change at the drop of a hat.

It's turning out to be quite the year, and it's barely started. Yay.

[1]My ISP doesn't support IPv6 yet and even if they did, my firewall doesn't.

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  • Hmmm, I have not been happy with the buyout of my company a few years back. We went from a small company to up to about 50. Then bought out and we (of the original company) down to about 10. We've had rounds of layoffs and now we are starting to bring in outsourced help (which are woefully inadequate). Prior to the buyout we had a industry leading product with great client satisfaction and since the buyout we have had a huge drop in customer satisfaction. It is very sad.

    I hope yours goes better.

    • by Timex ( 11710 )

      Thanks. I'm sure it could and will. I'd give more information, but I'm not inclined to mention names online. Had I done so, you might have more to say on the acquisition. :)

  • I have been using the Hurricane Electric tunnel broker service for about a year now. It's cool, but they only route traffic at 1Mb/sec, which gets annoying when a site has proper IPv6 support, because then it is slower.

    My equipment at home is aging as well. My newest machine is a Lenovo S10 netbook, purchased 2 years ago. My best server is 5 years old, and my desktop machine is 4 years old.

    I am always wary of M&A activities. Symantec was a good company to work for before the Veritas merger, for inst

    • by Timex ( 11710 )

      My IPv6 tunnel is through SixXS. I'm not sure what the throughput is on this yet, but I'm not too worried about it at this stage.

      The newest system in regular use at my house is at least four years old. Five years ago, I bought a laptop and I loved it, but the video on it crapped-out. I'm not likely to get another laptop for a while, simply because I don't NEED one. The laptop tended to spend most of its time on the desk. Needless to say, I'll be getting desktops for the near future. Tablets are (in my

      • I'd use SixXS, but then I'd need a static IP on my end to continue with my current configuration (6in4 to a Cisco router). HE doesn't penalize you for changing your tunnel endpoint IP if your ISP-assigned address changes. I just update the tunnel whenever I update

  • I'm in the process of setting up IPv6. I get about an hour to crash-course-learn iptables, bind, dhcpd and all the various other network admin sides of things (can you believe I've never had to admin the network layer of a Linux box using nothing but stock tools? I've been doing a lot of reading). I have to replace the majority of the configuration conveniences of a 2Wire router while I'm at it.

    I've had 6to4 running briefly already, with RAs leading to autoconfiguration of IPv6 on hosts on my network. I can

  • And it always comes down to one of three scenarios, none of which is good for the company purchased or it's employees:
    1. Technology transfer- company A has a technology company B wants, so company B buys them, takes what they want, and liquidates the rest.
    2. Competition reduction- company A is small and company B is big, and are in the same market, so company B buys company A to get access to their customers.
    3. Investment company- company A has assets, company B has money and wants more money, so company

  • I've been through one acquisition, and it wasn't good. The company I was with was great, right up until a holiday disaster involving a boat and an airplane with a drunk pilot. After the crash / deaths / amputations, the owners of the company decided to sell out. My division was sold to Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) a truly vile company worthy of persecution and contempt. Xerox owns them now. By the way, avoid Xerox if at all possible. But I digress.

    Where SCT was interested in customer happiness an

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