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Journal anti-pop-frustration's Journal: Switzerland and high gun ownership rate

I'm so tired of hearing that argument (especially when it's coming from pro-gun people).

Switzerland does not have high "gun" ownership rate, it has a high *assault rifle* ownership rate. Handguns are extremely rare, why?
- Military service is compulsory for men. Every male Swiss citizen receives an assault rifle during military training and is, by law, required to keep that weapon at home.
- These weapons are unloaded. People receive sealed ammunition but using those bullets without a direct army order is a crime.
- You still need a gun permit if you want to own anything beside your military weapon.

Switzerland is a paradox, it's a country full of assault rifles, and yet encountering a gun in daily life is as rare as in the UK. Firearms, especially handguns, are very much hated and absent from our daily life. What we are is essentially a population equipped with unloaded, inconcealable military weapons.We are probably less violent and more gun averse than most Europeans. Which is saying a lot.

But these facts have never stopped American gun freaks from using Switzerland as the poster child for their happy gun-owning fairy land. Ideology > facts.

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Switzerland and high gun ownership rate

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