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Journal masterwit's Journal: Slashdot is acting weird? Likely just me... 3 I log on and I get the achievement (because Slashdot is like xbox live) for the successful submission of a story. Now I donated a few bucks a while back so I am able to preview the stories before they are submitted, you know for that extra trollin' touch, but looking on the front page I did not see any stories that I had submitted and I have no filters applied. This means one or more of the following:

---I still do not understand how Slashdot works fully, as I may never truly grasp.
---That instead of posting news as soon as it happens, someone picked out a bunch of stories and will let them feed out at predetermined times. This makes it appear as if someone is still actively checking articles as they are submitted.

The second option above disturbs me...why not just release the stories instantly after a number of people thumb them up? (There is no need to "fake updates") But like I said before, it could be I'm just retarded...hell one of my submissions had a terrible spelling error in the title! (funny)

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Slashdot is acting weird? Likely just me...

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  • Stories have to be approved by the editors. There's a delay (it can really be long sometimes) between when you'll see that a submission has been accepted and when it will show up in the mysterious future. I've had submissions accepted and pulled before they did go live, that was a long time ago but it's possible as I've seen it happen once.

    My guess is the votes just help the editors so that they don't have to look at all submissions. They can filter them and just look at the ones getting more votes. I have

    • I did understand that the stories had to be reviewed and approved by the editors...rather it just seemed weird that I would get the accepted message before the actual event.

      I've had submissions accepted and pulled before they did go live, that was a long time ago but it's possible as I've seen it happen once.

      I guess it is my 1st option I stated is valid: I will never understand Slashdot. Whatever this really doesn't bug me much anyways.


      • There are separate events taking place. You got the notification after an editor "accepted" the submission. Later it should show up in the mysterious future and finally it should show up live on the site.

        It makes sense if you think about it. An editor could go in, accept multiple submissions and stagger them for going live. A lot more efficient.

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