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Journal Shadow Wrought's Journal: The 400 Club 9

I'm now at the Max. There are some more friends I wanted to add after a lengthy thread, so I started having to remove one for each one I wanted add. As it moves along I'll only be doing those which haven't posted recently, have never Journaled, and there was no reciprocation or friends of friend relationship.

Sorry if it's you, nothing you did!
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The 400 Club

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  • I am new here, I am worthy of keeping ;)
  • Nice to see /. is still living back in 1995.

    • Well, at in 1995 it all worked. I just wish that when it came to improvements, it would be stuff like this instead of making the UI morse and worse. And worse. It just seems that the things that could actually use improvement aren't glamorous so they don't do it. Instead they try to do the latest and greatest and it looks horrible. Maybe it's me, but everytime there's a software thread there are all these comments on how coding should be done, and invariably /. itself always does the opposite.

      Just re
  • You would think they would have a DB capable of storing more than 400 per person. That seems a little ridiculous...

    • That's only because stalinsnotdead bought me a subscription for my birthday back in the day. Otherwise it's capped at 200! It takes a long time to load, too. But, hey, why should a tech site be a bastion of technology, right?
  • ...of when I was still active on /. :)


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