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Journal mcgrew's Journal: -- Nothing but good news (for me anyway) 5

Evil-X got married, which makes me happy as hell. She no longer has my name! Yippee!

Patty came for the wedding, of course, and planned on staying at my house. She called before she left, saying she was having a really bad day and hoped I could help her. "Of course," I said, of course.

"Could Mom come by your house and get my TV? The one at my new apartment is tiny, and my car broke down, and I don't think I can take a TV on the bus." She went on to say that someone was giving her a ride to Indianapolis, and her mom was picking her up there.

Evil-X was her evil old self. Leila called and said her mom was doing something and didn't know when she'd be by and to wait for her.

Bullshit. I got rid of the bitch eight years ago, she's not going to inconvinience me any more. I called Patty. "I'm not going to sit around here waiting for your mom," I told her. "I gave up going on her schedule when she left, and I'm not letting her fuck me over again. Tell her to have Leila call when she's on the way, I'm going to the bar."

Less than a minute later Leila called back. "She's at her friend's house and said she's leaving in a minute."

"Well, tell her to call when she's on her way." I sat back and continued watching DS9. Leila called again ten minutes later. "She just pulled up in the driveway."

"Well, like I told you, call when she's on her way."

"But she's in the driveway!"

A bit of a misunderstanding; she was in MY driveway. I lugged the TV out. I'll bet burglars love the new LCD TVs, since they aren't so backbreaking to carry.

Evil-X got out of her ratty little SUV. God, that woman gets uglier all the time. Now she had red hair, which didn't match her eyebrows or complexion. Once again I was glad I was divorced, and wondered what I ever saw in her. I put the TV in the back of the SUV and went back inside. I finished the TV show, washed dishes, and went up to the bar. After two beers, who should appear but Ms Lady!

We talked for a while, and wound up going back to my house, where I got my nerd license suspended yet again, completely forgetting that Patty was coming. Luckily we finished before she got there, and we were innocently watching a movie when she showed up.

Patty surprised the hell out of me by actually liking her! I'd thought that Patty would hate any woman I wound up with, but she was all for my being with Ms Lady, who went home some time later, and I went to bed happy, Patty sleeping on the couch.

The next mnorning wasn't so cheerful -- she discovered that some of the DVDs she had gotten me were missing. I didn't tell her about what Charlie had done, but she knew Charlie had been there and ranted about her for an hour, pissed off at ME for letting her in the house at all.

She never did like Charlie. My daughter's a better judge of character than I am.

She stomped out of the house. "I might not come back to see you before I go home", and slammed the door.

The next morning I called Tammy and asked if she was going to church, "and if so could you bring some coffee grounds?" I was broke, having extra bills this month, and had forgotten coffee when I'd gone shopping. She was going to the 10:15 service, I was going early, so she said she'd drop the coffee off on her way home.

She called from my driveway; her "friend" Darlene, who she seems to despise, was with her. I thanked her for the coffee and they left, having not gotten out of the car.

Then Amy called with bad news -- Connor's dying. "He has nine months unless he gets a new kidney." Seems he's not been taking care of his diabetes, and it's killing him. She wanted to come by, and I said "no". I had enough trouble with my daughter without her walking in as I was "comforting" Amy.

I decided to watch some Christmas movies, so I watched Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, my two favorite Christmas flicks. Just as I was making lunch my door knocked. Ms Lady! I picked out Forest Gump and started it. "I love that movie!" she exclaimed.

"Want some Lunch?" I asked. "I have a great big pork chop I'm puttng on, I'll make another baked potato for you."

"No, don't make a potato for me", she said. "The meat and veggies are fine."

I finished making lunch, and she was sound asleep on the couch. I couldn't wake her up, so I ate as she slept. Lieutenant Dan was losing his legs when she did finally wake up, and we decided to go to Felber's. "Did you see how Dave came down to the end of the bar when we were talking? He's jealous as hell of you!"

Dave's a friend of hers, a man who's married to a woman with a physical handicap. I suspect he and Ms. Lady have been closer than "just friends". I still can't get use to men being jealous of me -- it just seems so weird having such an easy time with the ladies. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

We got to talking about cartoons after a couple of beers at the bar, and went home to watch Cool World, but wound up watching the last half of Gump instead.

Patty came back by, having forgiven me for getting ripped off, it seemed, and spent the night on the couch. The next morning we said our sad goodbyes, and she drove off in the ratty SUV her mother had let her borrow. Evil-X had changed plans and was driving Patty home; I could have gone without seeing her, but seeing how much uglier that red hair made her had made my day.

I called Tammy, who didn't like the idea of my getting back together with Ms. Lady one little bit, no siree Bob! I told her she had a court date for the Divorce in February. "Yeah, right," she said.

An hour or so later Ms Lady showed up, and we went to the bar. Back home again her phone rang. She ignored it. "It's dickhead," she said, using the pet name she reserved for her husband. "Fuck him!" We made plans to watch Cool World the next day, since we watched Gump instead. "Do you have to work tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm off at four. I'll call you."

I drove straight to the bar after work, hoping to find someone to loan me a few bucks until payday. I called Ms. Lady, and got voicemail. Damn! Flashbacks from last summer! "Hi, if you're wondering where your coat and muffler are, you left them at my house. Give me a call!"

She hasn't.

Someone spotted me a twenty, so I guess I'll have enough gas to get to Church Sunday. And Felbers changed the Christmas party from the nineteenth to the eighteenth, so now I don't have to decide whether to go to the tavern's party or the church's party. I'd have hated to miss the Church Christmas party. Even if Ms Lady doesn't call back, I'll see her at the Felbers party -- she's providing the food. I should take Tammy just to see which one likes me more.

Tyrone, one of the few black people that go there (despite the fact that it's in the ghetto), wanted some help with his computer. "Catch me tomorrow when I'm sober," I told him. I'll get a few bucks out of it, but Tyrone's a cheapass, or I'd have gone over there then.

Dewey came in. "Hey, Gail wants you to drop by, something about a hard drive."

I've mentioned how wierd this town is -- Gail's a man. "He's got my number," I said.

Ten minutes later the phone rang. It was Gail. "hey, come look at this hard drive," he said. I told him I'd drop by when I left; he's almost next door to Felbers. Gail's a generous guy who's been nothing but good to me, so I wasn't even going to charge him for whatever it was he wanted help with. He and his girlfriend were in the living room. "Want a hit?" he asked, handing me a full one hitter.

"You don't have to twist my arm!" I replied, and took a hit. It turned out that the "hard drive" was actually a whole HP computer, sans monitor and keyboard. He was giving it to me! "I get these things all the time," he said, "I usually just throw 'em away, but you said you needed one."

I woke up in a really good mood this morning!

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-- Nothing but good news (for me anyway)

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