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Journal smooth wombat's Journal: Tron Legacy = Fail 6

As a rule, I don't watch commercials. As soon as I see one, I change the channel. However, there are a few that I do watch and with the sequel to Tron coming out, I've noticed a few promoting the movie.

Let me say straight away that if the commercials are representative of the movie, the remake is a failure. With the exception of blue and red lighting around the edge of things, everything I've seen leads me to believe this is going to be one big shitfest of explosions interspersed with some touchy-feely scenes (though one apparently doesn't get to touch Olivia Wilde).

And speaking of Olivia, the few words I've heard her speak are delivered in as bland a style as is possible. There doesn't seem to be any emotion behind her words.

While the first movie was ground breaking, this one seems to another in a long line of movies which takes a perfectly good story and tramples the lineage into dust. I'm looking at you Transformers. >:

Based solely on the commercials, I fail to see one redeeming reason to watch it unless it comes out on television.

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Tron Legacy = Fail

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  • The movies could be utter shit, but the inclusion of 2 Jeff Bridges' performances seals the deal for me. You gotta take yer pleasures where you can.
    • If the movie is utter shit, then having the inclusion of Jeff Bridges (twice) won't rescue it. There has to be some semblance of a story. Even when Charles Bronson did the Death Wish movies, and the plot was completely predictable, there was still an element of a story to them.

      As is repeated here quite often, special effects do not a movie make.

      • Ah, I see. I don't watch movies in order to enjoy a discrete experience (although it does happen, rarely, and is a valuable treat), but to enjoy the craft on display. So, while the story may or may not be lacking, I'll still derive enjoyment from one of my favourite actors, the SFX, the music, etc.

        Shades of grey.
  • explosions interspersed with some touchy-feely scenes
    You say that like it's a bad thing. I am so jacked for this film it isn't funny.

    • My point was that it seems the explosions are there simply for the sake of explosions. If one wants to see a movie like that, that's fine. I do too. But when the movie is billed as a sequel to an innovative experience and all the commercials show are exploding light cycles, exploding flying whatchamacallits, and explosions in general, I begin to question the ability of the director and sponsors to deliver on their promise.

      I realize there needs to be some backfill on what has happened since the last movie.

      • I don't doubt you are right - I just set the bar really low personally. I liked both transformers films quite a bit.

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