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Journal isopropanol's Journal: Aperture hot folder, please quit telling aperture to advance to the next image

I have an opportunity to shoot christmas photos coming up and I need my assistant to be able to do prints while I'm shooting and uploading via eye-fi.

Unfortunately aperture hot folder includes a nasty piece of code that throws in a "->" keystroke after every import, interrupting the user (although it makes for a nice live slideshow if you don't have someone doing prints and aperture is fullscreen).

Solution: "view contents" on, find main.scpt and comment out the keystroke.Probably OK to comment out the contents of this whole block, but I just did the keystroke to be on the safe side.

on advance_selection()
        tell application "System Events"
                -- if Aperture is the frontmost applicaiton then hit the right arrow key to advance to the next image
                set the application_identifier to the creator type of first process whose frontmost is true and visible is true
                if the application_identifier is "fstp" then
                        -- key code 124
                end if
        end tell
end advance_selection

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Aperture hot folder, please quit telling aperture to advance to the next image

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