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Journal smooth wombat's Journal: The Argo is real! 2

Depending on your definition of "real". For those of you who watched the original broadcast series, StarBlazers was probably the first anime you saw. You watched as they fired the Wave Motion Gun for the first time and saw it obliterate a floating island. You held your breath as the relentless assault of the Gamalons threatened to destroy them. Your eyes, like mine, were probably as big as saucers as they found out they had to go into the Gamalon homeworld and take them out before they could acquire the device from Trelana.*

Now, for a mere $277, you can own The Argo. Well, a 1:625 scale model at least. One thing it has going for it is that it's metal, not plastic. Judging by the picture, it seems to be very true to the series.

I still have a soft spot for the final confrontation of The Argo inside planet Gamalon. When I decide to watch the show, I do so at night, lights off, volume up. The effect of The Argo's main guns firing every which way, the exploding bombs and rockets trying to find their mark, the sound of everything, is something that I thoroughly enjoy.

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The Argo is real!

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  • I watched it every day after school! I'm netflixing it again, too. After all these years, it's amazing how much has remained ingrained within me. I'm on the last Disk of the Comet Empire series. I never saw the Bolar Wars, and I am told it is terrible. Not sure if I'll watch it or not.
    • Ha! I would watch the show after school but before I went to work. I had just enough time when the show would end and when I had to start work. There were times I cut it close so I could see what was coming up in the next show.

      I remember thinking at the time the allusions to WWII and the japanese way of fighting for honor throughout the story. I thought it was laid on a bit heavy for the U.S. but since it was made in Japan, duh! I'm wondering if the movie will be advertised at all over here.

      I too never

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