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Journal masterwit's Journal: Interesting...mod points. 2

Slashdot why do you keep on giving me mod points? I take time to read everyone's comments but that does not mean I always have the time. 25 points over the past week with 15 this time? I didn't even know they had the Costco deal...well there goes 30-45 minutes.
I have a habit of only modding people up with no previous mod points, makes finding comments a bit more hard and takes much more of my time.
Does anyone else seem to get mod points in "groups of days" and then go for weeks without mod points? - I still do not know quite how this system works here.
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Interesting...mod points.

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  • I just noticed that some of my JE comments were moderated up, and some of Pudge's in the same discussions have been modded down.

    Either action is pretty much akin to pissing in the Pacific Ocean with the intent of turning it yellow.

    Besides, moderating down his pudginess only supports his persistent claim of being "oppressed" around here.
    • Nah, I actually hold true to how I distribute mod points. Had two beers earlier and logged on Slashdot. Refused to use a single mod point non-sober. Hell if you had a good comment, and by the off-chance I saw it...

      Haven't spent a single point yet, because I wasn't ready to be impartial.

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