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Journal stevew's Journal: Anothe Pleasant Valley Sunday

Well - I don't REALLY live in Pleasant Valley - though I'm near Pleasanton. Does that count?

This is the first weekend I've had off in like three weeks. I'm enjoying it a bunch! Saturday was kind of slow. Wife had to work from 10AM to 2pm, then we just piddled around the house. Doug was playing video games on the puter while I did some work - sorta. It isn't as bad when you can work from home instead of having to drive in and sit at work. I also worked on getting tax paper work in shape.

Sunday has been very different. We went out to a coffee shop for breakfast. This is a new "tradition" for the family that we started about three weeks ago. There is a community farmer's market down the street so we've gone to that the last few weekends, but today we tried something a little different again. There are three different coffee shops in our immediate area - so we tried a different one today. It was pretty pleasant. Next we took a trip down to Fry's (a Silicon Valley fixture) and walked around for 45 minutes. Finally we went and looked at some new houses. My wife fell in love with one place that I hated - now THAT is a problem ;-)

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.