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Journal masterwit's Journal: Question regarding SSH 4

I do not have much experience in ssh, but I would like to set up my home computer to run as a "server" so that I can carbon copy my usb drive after sessions working away from home (I lose the damn things every so often). I have been using ftp for a little bit, but it really isn't that secure and I do not want to transmit a non-encrypted password etc etc.

Anyone have a recommendation for a preferably freeware lightweight program I could use? I have been filtering lightly through the internets, but it would really be helpful if I knew what I was looking for...
(I have the client side issue resolved, that is the easy part)
Thanks :)
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Question regarding SSH

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  • Ships with all your favorite Linux & BSD distros. It's on Mac OS X as well

    Otherwise, if you need to run it on a windows box, I've used cygwin with good success in the past, you can set up cygwin to run sshd as a service with minimal effort.
    • I run Windows as I got a copy of 7 free through my school. I also run RedHat as I got a copy free through...
      This may be the tipping point for me however to convert to Linux on my main (generally left online) box. Thanks, I'll look into cygwin as an option.

      Sidenote: I do not own a mac, I own 2 computers for the same price :)
      • Personally, I think every home network that wants to share something with the outside world (of course there are plenty who do not, and that's fine too) should have a system running *nix of some sort (in my case FreeBSD but to each their own) to handle the important duties.

        Of course one could be clever and setup openldap on that box to handle logins on the protected side as well, which carries some nice features to it. Then add NFS shares through that box and you can get to those files you deposited from
        • That is a great idea, but I am stuck in a network maintained by a landlord at the moment. I have an Ethernet jack and "preference" from the router, that is about it (Shh!).

          However, I am in the process of building another small Linux machine so I can learn C++ and other languages without "breaking" my main box. I will keep that externalized login concept in mind down road and it may be a great thing to experiment on this cheaper computer in a month or two...
          Appreciate the ideas/advice, ill give 'em a

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