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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Got an EKG (4) 4

Went back to the doctor to check on my cholesterol. After about four months, my weight dropped from 186 to 153 (might have taken my shows off last time, however) to the point where after comparing the nurse weighed me a second time. Then a small conversation ensued, basically: "How do you lose all that weight?" "Eat less." "Fair enough." I'm also down to a 38" waist from 44 +/-2, so things are looking good.

On the cholesterol front, all the readings dropped: Total from 230 to 134, HDL from 56 to 32, LDL from 149 to 78, and triglycerides from 124 to 120. So, all is good except the lower HDL score. The doctor ought to be calling to discus the results this evening.

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Chronicle: Got an EKG (4)

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  • Enjoy buying new pants! It is one expense no one seems to mind. ;)

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      Heh, thanx, already did. It feels great to be in a 38" pants. My belt is at its lowest setting, but it does not seem to be getting any lower. I should be going off my diet due to the holidays, and resume it afterward. Then, maybe, i'll need to buy(!) a new belt.

  • Kudos ... as in 'congrats', not the snack bars ;-)

    It looks like common sense and moderation can be a reasonable approach to diet and a healthy weight. Please don't tell my significant other or she'll stop baking all the time.

    Let's hope you maintain your current weight during the holidays and take things by storm again in the new year.
    • by Chacham ( 981 )


      it's not the next couple days i'm thinking about, that isn't much. it's the upcoming holiday (succos) that im more likely to enjoy everything ive been holding back from for four months. even if i gain 10 pounds (unlikely, other than water) it'd feel good to restart the diet. i want to get down to 130, so a break in the action before that would be very welcome.

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