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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Excel: Edited Hebrew is reversed on reopen. 5

Someone just asked me about Excel. She works on a sheet that has English and Hebrew words. If she edits any existing Hebrew entries, or enters any Hebrew herself, when she reopens the file the Hebrew letters show up in reverse order (Hebrew is RTL). Any idea what could be wrong?

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Question: Excel: Edited Hebrew is reversed on reopen.

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  • I'd ask for you. :)

    That said, you or her can always feel free to ask at the Microsoft Office Forums [] (which were not that easy to find :( )

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      Thanx. And I Get a big "Duh!".

      I am an Answerer in the Database Design Forum (Though i haven't done anything in over a month, since i lost my job.)

  • I've had that problem in Word but not in Excel. I just keep tinkering with it, achieving limited success. I get to the point where I don't care anymore whether Word "understands" that the text is supposed to be going RTL. Sometimes I cheat and use a tool to reverse the letters []. (However, of course, this is a terrible solution if it's a document that's going to be edited with any frequency.) From what I understand, there is an invisible character that denotes when Word should begin to read text as RTL. Maybe
    • I made a mistake. In the last paragraph, I meant to say "Excel" instead of "Word" in some places. The advice goes for either app. Also, I just noticed that Microsoft is calling Office plugins "Add-Ins" in Office 2007. I don't know when that change happened or if it's always been that way.

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