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Journal pudge's Journal: Koster vs. Larsen: Your Turn 3

The two campaigns for Washington's Second Congressional District, for incumbent Rick Larsen (D) and challenger John Koster (R), have agreed to answer questions posted by you, the readers and voters. This is going to be a close race, and perhaps one of the most-watched in the nation.

So here's how this works: you guys ask the questions, posting them in this Sound Politics discussion. I pick good ones and submit them to the candidates. They send their answers back to me, and I post them. I don't censor, edit, or modify their answers in any way (though as "interviewer," I may ask for clarifications, giving them a chance to revise their answers).

It's no secret that I want John Koster to win this election. But I'll do my best to pick good questions, and since everyone can see all the questions being asked by the commenters, everyone can decide for themselves if I did a reasonable job.

I'll close the questioning at the end of this week. Everyone -- from libertarian to liberal -- is welcome to submit questions here, but not to engage in discussions about the questions or candidates, or to be abusive. Ask questions: don't answer them or fight about them.

Have at it.

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Koster vs. Larsen: Your Turn

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  • How would you vote on the DMCA and USAPATRIOT acts?

    What about forcing Obama to remove prisoners from Gitmo(I am not going to spell it here); would you have agreed to let Bush to do the same thing?

    If you were to vote about the so-called ground-zero mosque, would you allow it or not, of course that is not in your jurisdiction?

    I guess I asked the questions too late.

    How did they answer similar questions?

  • Where is info about the answers?
    I can't find it on the internet, therefore it doesn't exist. :D
    Will your site be updated or a journal be made when it is ready?

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