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Journal JVert's Journal: I'm back.

OK. 4 or so years ago. I left the overcrowded confines of southern California. In dreams of moving to a small town for a simple life of living humbly within our means. Winnemucca proved to be a little off center. Its a mining town, the local economy is inflated from the high income of all the miners working here. We arrived right as the housing market was recovering and ended up with a house that was more then what we originally anticipated. It happens. The plan was for me to continue working with the company I moved away from telecommuting, I got a second somewhat of a babysitting job during the nights so I could telecommute while on another payroll. Well I got a job in mining so now money shouldn't be a problem. The transition was smooth but I became once again a man living paycheck to paycheck... The family got bigger and we moved to another house, this was 2 years ago when the housing market was sketchy, the mortgage market was in chaos. The house we moved into was a little inflated on price but we wanted to move on it because we could get a loan at that time and was unsure if we could get a loan in 6 months. Not willing to sell the first house

Stuff happened.

We got divorced, she is living in the second house

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I'm back.

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