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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [misc] Mining the past can be poisonous 2

The deeper you delve into the distant past, the richer the pain and sorrow you may find. Sometimes, the truth is best left unknown - knowing may bring healing, but it can also crush you with unbelievable weight.

Ask yourself - do you really want to know? How badly? Is it worth it?

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[misc] Mining the past can be poisonous

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  • It's all over, now.

    Yesterday don't matter when it's gone.

    Yeah, those are quotes from two old Stones tunes. But the past and future, if not imaginary, are phantoms.

    Memory is a ghost of the imagination. Anticipation, the same. Right now, you are experiencing reality - and it flits by, as you preoccupy your attentions on these phantoms.

    There are no mistakes, anyway. The only real mistake is one from which you do not learn anything at all. Disillusionment is painful. It's reward is truth.

  • Sounds like it was pretty crappy. I'm visiting in California and decided I'd try calling a friend I hadn't seen in over 10 years. We didn't split all that amicably either. I had to call 3 friends I am still in touch with and her. The three friends I'm in touch with I got through fine. WHen I called her, the third out of the four, I got an, "All circuits are busy, call fail" message. I considered it a hint.

    Hang in there. You present and future are still looking great though...

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