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Journal zogger's Journal: Oil Munching Microbes 1

Researchers have discovered a new microbe that is eating the gulf oil spill fairly readily, with the added bonus of not depleting the dissolved oxygen supply too much. (abstract only, article is paywalled)

Certainly a piece of good news out of that mess.

Here's an odd thought I had some years ago..what would happen if these sorts of bacteria got established deep down in the big pools of oil? As in, one day we find out we are a few months away from no oil because it is being eaten up....wouldn't that be interesting.

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Oil Munching Microbes

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  • We just harvest the bugs. And hope they don't get out of control and attack our oil-based tires, synthetic fibers, etc.

    There have been a few sci-fi scenarios spun around dealing with the grey goo.

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