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Why, it's all just an accident

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  • I used to believe in Evil Manipulative People, too. Then at some point I realized that there is far more stupidity than evil in the world, and many of those things we like to attribute to Evil can simply be seen as stupid.

    In the case of the economy, aside from all of the fiat stuff, I must say that Karl Marx was and still is right.

    Let's put that another way, you cannot maintain a stable robust economy without some form of "wealth redistribution."

    Over the years, if some group of people keep getting "greater

    • by dpilot ( 134227 )

      Oh, I have to add a tiny chunk of proof to my hypothesis of stupidity over evil.

      The Bush-Cheney Administration. I thought they were competent Evil incarnate. But in the long run, they were just dumb, and unfortunately we're still acting out that stupidity. Actually, the Stupid Trend goes further back, some might say forever, but I'll say that an acceleration came in on Reagan's coattails and has never really left.

      • But they ARE all held in thrall by trillionaire Jooz, who invent evil conspiracy nonsense - like the illuminati - as disinformation.

      • ...I'll say that an acceleration came in on Reagan's coattails and has never really left.

        Hopefully, maybe we'll run out of gas just before we hit the ground []...

      • They outlined in their own PNAC documents what they intended to do, how to do it, and went and did it. And the process continues. They also succeeded in transferring trillions to their insider circles, putting everyone else into their "debt" for years to come, to keep those monies flowing to the insiders, and also gutted the Constitution "legally", and stripped a lot of rights from the "we the people" folks, with the patriot acts, homerland security jazz, etc. Now they have everyone putting up with "enemies

  • I make it about 6 to 10 years for things to go smash:
    The boomers born in 1946 will be 65 next year. Assuming they delay retirement until age 72, that is 2018 (8 years out). Assuming they start moving their 401(k)s from growth to value preservation 5 years out, that would be about 3 years from now. At that point the constant influx of stupid money into the stock market will start to drop off, supported to some extent by all the Busters/GenX/GenY/ types still paying into their accounts because the syst

    • and I want to add two more possibilities

      The "great cull" using plausible deniability bioplagues or similar. No need to sweat payments if they are all dead.

      General global war-still a distinct possibility, any number of planetary wild cards could happen, or be made to happen.

      Either or both are enough of a distraction to institute draconian crack down measures, and to insure that the fatcats stay in power, even if they can't control all the turf. Sort of like the situations we see in iraq and ashcanistan, base

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