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Journal pgmrdlm's Journal: Updating FreeBSD ports on a p4 sucks 1

Evan though KDE runs just fine on the p4, anytime I have to perform major port updates. ITS SUCKS. It takes days. in this case, its the upgrade of Perl 5.10 to 5.12, and than the recursive update. God, this blows chunks.

All though, portmaster makes it much more bearable. At least when an error occurs, the updates do not continue. This way I know exactly where I am at and how much more has to be done. Unlike portupdate
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Updating FreeBSD ports on a p4 sucks

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  • I'm running 7.2-release on a p4 laptop with 2gb ram, and ports aren't that miserable. I just built the latest thunderbird in about a day or so - not bad considering the size. I'm now building Qt4 and that is going fairly well, but I have some hesitation regarding building KDE4...

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